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   Shandong Tsurumi Hongqi Environmental Technology Co., LTD. Is from Shandong Hongqi Machinery Electrical Co., LTD, and Japan Tsurumi Manufacturing Company invested by sino-japanese joint venture company of Japanese technology, we produce the disc type dryer, screw machine and other environmental protection equipment. This project conforms to the national industrial policy, product substitution domestic belt type dryer, plate frame type dryer, centrifugal dewaterer etc, suitable for organic sludge dewatering, solve the problem of oil sludge dewatering. The product is mainly used in the environmental protection industry and food processing industry, with a low power consumption, no personnel need can work continuously and other characteristics, of the world new sludge dehydrator advanced equipment, with a broad economic benefit and social benefit. Project put into production, products will be supplied to domestic and foreign market.