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Shandong Hongqi Electrical and Mechanical Co.,Ltd.
    Shandong Electrical and Mechanical Limited Company is a department of defense industry enterprises--China Ordnance Industry Group 5823rd factory. In 1970 May and set up factories in the Yimeng mountain area, in 1994 the overall move to Shandong province Weifang City, in 2002 October completed the reorganization of assets and the reform of Corporation system. The company has 800 acres of land, which Weifang Binhai Development Zone ( Headquarters) of 200 acres, 600 acres of Yiyuan branch. The existing staff of 535 people, including engineering and technical personnel 60 people. The main products: civilian main production cultivator, Jack, building pressure slot machine, opening machine, environmental protection equipment, non-standard equipment manufacturing, automotive brake steel back; military mainly produces 40 rocket series products. Companies adhering to the " survive by civilian, military and development" business strategy, army, civilian taste development. In the military research and production into a huge human, financial, material resources, has developed a 40mm rocket extended range more technical and tactical performance of products, as well as the infrared lighting, photoelectric jamming, infrared jamming and other special technical and tactical performance of new products, with more advanced scientific testing means. One of a number of products to achieve the bulk exports, two product realization of domestic equipment.

    At present, the company is fully implement the scientific outlook on development, taking science and technology enterprises, the introduction of talent, much channel joint venture Road, to the cross arms, more performance, multi platform special ammunition specializing in the production of strong enterprises to enter the; in the civilian aspects of development, the company and give full play to advantage of war industry technology, development and production of hydraulic machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection equipment, auto parts, marine machinery parts, large non-standard equipment manufacturing has formed a production scale. The agriculture machinery, marine machinery parts have been exported to many countries and regions. The company will continue to adhere to the military, the coordinated development of the operating work thinking, aimed at high-tech development direction, make full use of advantage of mechanism, for national economy construction and national defence modernization, to raise company economic benefits, sleep on the brushwood, achieve again brilliant!

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