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After-sale service
Shandong Tsurumi Hongqi Environmental Technology Co., LTD. After years of accumulation and precipitation, with strong relying on science and technology, set up a professional, experienced, skilled service team; establish a sound and reliable pre-sale and customer service service system; the implementation of rapid response service mechanism of on-site services, remote services combined, can effectively ensure the product application security, help users to effectively solve related problems, users can focus on their core business.

Comprehensive pre-sales support

Prior to the purchase of our products, our sales staff and technical staff will provide you with comprehensive consulting services, according to your engineering needs in the construction of the most appropriate products recommended to users.

Perfect after-sales service

After the user purchased the product, we can enjoy the perfect after-sale service from Shandong Tsurumi Hongqi Environmental Technology Co., LTD.:
    1、Installation and commissioning on site
    2、Equipment operator training
    3、Free maintenance or replacement during the warranty period

Professional service team

We have a group of high quality, rich theoretical and practical service support team, which can provide valuable technical services and support to users。